Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bali Adventures #2 - Christmas at Jimbaran Beach

Christmas Day 2012 was the most laid back Christmas I think I have ever had. Yes, it was weird to be without my family, but it was also very cool to be doing something completely different somewhere far from home. We ended up travelling to Jimbaran Beach in the late afternoon, at the suggestion of our taxi driver (always keen for a longer fare, though to be honest, pretty cheap travel).
The plan was to watch the sunset, which we did as we supped cocktails and watched both tourists and locals go about their business. A longboat was, we believe, completing the final stages of a funeral. Other locals were digging for shellfish. Some were searching for other treasures... amongst the rubbish. This was the one disappointment of the beach; an incredible amount of litter, both on the shore and in the ocean. We were not keen to take our Christmas dip because of this.
Whilst the sunset was not especially spectacular, there was a peace to the evening, which belied the hurly-burly that sometimes accompanies a celebration such as Christmas. So it is for the relaxing vibe that I will most remember the day.

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