Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Not Particularly Attractive...

I reckon a tourist attraction should be representative of its area, unique, fun and relatively good value for money.
Kelly Tarlton's is an iconic destination for locals and visitors alike, and I have positive memories from my previous visits there. However yesterday we visited during a period of refurbishment which, in my mind, severely compromised its reputation.
I am not complaining about the fact that there are necessary upgrades taking place, just that for an adult entry of $34, there was bugger all to see. I felt sorry for the penguins that were 'on display' in a plain, small room. The Novus glass repair guy sitting in an empty aquarium doing his thing held about as much interest as they did. Things just looked dowdy and disheveled in general.
Our tickets come with a voucher for $10 off a subsequent visit. I for one will not be redeeming mine. In my opinion this $10 should have been taken off the original ticket price, to be a little more reflective of the current state of the place.

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