Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to Warm Up from a Chilly Start

This morning I thought I was mad... up and out the door in the semi darkness at 6:45am on a Saturday for an early morning training session on one of the coldest mornings of the year. 
As I left Leanne's cold-as-?@#$ garage-come-gym (granted, I was well warm by then) I commented on the lovely light that the freezing morning had given rise to, and what a shame it was that I didn't have my camera in the car.
On my drive home, as a reward for my good work, I planned the leisurely morning I felt I deserved, which revolved mostly around hot shower, hot coffee and comfy couch sitting. However when I drove past the local ponds, the frost and mist lured my photographer's eye and I found myself quickly calling in to home to grab my camera, and out to stalk my neighbourhood birdlife once again.
Lurking around the ponds, I patiently waited for birds to swim into the light etc, wishing I had a longer lens... but hey, you make do with what you can afford. As I was leaving, a series of swans and other birds were performing their morning ablutions where the larger pond spilled into the smaller on, creating a lovely reflection of their actions.  I love the 'contortionistic' shapes the swans made as they preened themselves. Far too many of that scene on the memory card, and hard to edit down to favourites.
Well over an hour later I made my way home for that coffee and shower. Despite my sodden feet and the fact I had had the flimsiest of coats on, I didn't feel the cold at all while I was out there. Funny the things that warm you up.

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