Monday, July 1, 2013

Peoples' Choice vs Judge's Choice

Stolen from Hugo
Tonight, buoyed by the encouragement of recent photographic successes, I went to my first night at a new photographic club, the Pukekohe Franklin Club.
I entered four images as entitled, selecting recycled images from MPS which had previously achieved honours. I was happy to get one honours and three HC... including HCs for two that had gained top honours of 'Image of the Night' at Manukau.
That, and a comment from the judge, reiterated the fact that photos, like all art forms, are 'judged' differently by individuals. The judge's comment was directed to another PFCC 'newbie', a young high school student who went by the most awesome name of Hugo.
Hugo's photo, pictured here, was the winner of the People's Choice award at the recent Auckland Photo Day. A cumulation of votes, not from the judging elite, but from public vote. Our judge tonight, through clear on his personal views, acknowledged the kudos this public vote afforded Hugo's photograph. A bright future ahead for this boy. And a reminder that one judge's opinion is just that.

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