Thursday, September 26, 2013


Took the plunge and entered another photographic competition tonight. Just entered one section - Panorama, and entered the maximum of 4 in that section.
Thought I would share them here on my blog, but for some reason they are all looking overexposed and/or over-saturated on this page. Weird.

Anyway, which one do you like best, and why?

 "Iconic" - It may be too simple for the competition, but the colour and simplicity please my eye!

 "Dry As" - not a new image, but a new crop. I like it so much better as a panoramic crop!

"Protecting the View" - Last month's MPS Open Image of the Month. I do NOT like how it has uploaded here! The orignal image has no green

"Storm Brewing" - taken as we about to get in the ferry to leave Tiritiri Matangi island. I'm breaking the rules here, by putting the bird smack bang in the middle, but I like that it makes a triangle.

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