Friday, October 4, 2013


Serendipity has always been one of my favorite words.
Now I have combined that with one of my favourite things - photography.
Thanks to the inspiration and advice from a group of special fellow-amatuer photographer friends, the "Serendipity Photography" Facebook page is now up and running.
In the 'long description' they ask you to give on set up, I wrote...

It is said that quality photos are made, rather than simply taken. I definitely believe this. However I personally find joy in that special moment that presents itself, and take great pleasure in capturing that serendipitous moment in a photograph. 
I am always scanning the environment around me for those informal moments that may never present themselves again. My camera is almost always with me.
I love shooting people, and enjoy building a relationship with my subjects to enable the real person to be seen through the lens. I enjoy creating simple images that tell a story. BUT... I look out for that serendipitous moment again in these shoots, and it's often the photos that cannot be recreated, that tend to be my personal favourites.
Whilst 'finding' the photos is a favourite aspect of photography for me, I also love learning more about the technical side of things, and am increasing my post-processing skills all the time as well.
Making photos makes me happy; equally, sharing them with those who are invested in them, and seeing their reactions, gives me just as much pleasure!

Please visit my page and 'like' it :)

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