Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog Resurrection!

I have been waiting for a moment to finally motivate me to resurrect my blog writing habit.
My regularity waned then basically stopped during the writing of my thesis. Having to write takes the joy out of wanting to write. Same goes for reading; I am soooo enjoying reading for pleasure again, and especially enjoying reading on the iPad.
But I digress...
I had perhaps my biggest photographic accolade recently, by winning Round 2 of the PSNZ Canon Online Competition. Not just placing in the top 10, which would have been amazing enough, but... 1st. Place.
Now I have been sitting on this post since receiving notice of this about 2 weeks ago, waiting for the results appear online. Perhaps by the time you are reading this, this link will take you to the competition results...
The photo with which I received this honour was one I took in Bali over summer, and was entitled 'Monkey Love'.
In recognition this acknowledgement arrived in the post last week:

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