Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wall of Fame!

Just took a couple of phone snaps before I whisked myself upstairs to bed, to show off the 18 new blocks on my fast-filling photo wall in the hallway. (Cheated a bit with four triptych series going up, but still have 3 more blocks to hang, just ran out of hanging strips). It's certainly grown since here.
I don't really call it the 'Wall of Fame'... but am grateful for the opportunities I have had to capture the 'famous' faces of friends and family who grace it. 
The wall exists entirely for my own pleasure, and unintentionally represents my journey as a budding photographer. I am often tempted to take down some of the earlier photos I proudly displayed, as I see fault with so many of them now. But then I think that they serve as a reminder that I have improved over time, and photographic principle and appeal aside, each of them represents a moment or a memory worth recalling when I stop for a look. It always makes me happy.

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