Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cooler Than Michael Jackson

Back in the early 1990s this was some accolade. Probably still rings true today!

As a teacher, you often receive lovely little notes from certain students in your class - they are always heartwarming and some touch you more than others, for a range of reasons. Mainly they attest to the fact that you are pretty special to that person, and getting a genuine one really does go a long way to make a teacher's day. Having not had a class to call my own for some years now due to my management role, the relationships formed that lead to these sorts of childish (in the nicest sense) appreciation, don't occur as easily. It's the aspect of classroom teaching I miss the most. (The relationships, not the notes!)

Which is why when I stumbled across this wee gem in one of my boxes of 'Memorabilia' some months ago, I took a snap of it with my phone. I found the photo again yesterday when I updated phones, and was going through and deleting pics.

It was written by a special student (yes, yes, they are all special) at the end of her Std 2 (Year 4) year, at a time when I was changing schools. So working back, it would have been 1993 to be specific.
If you can't quite make it out the writing, here's what it says...

Dear Miss Fothergill
It's so sad that you're moving but as Mum said "She's young and so that means she has to move around to get to know other people". I guess she's right. In my old school, my teacher Ms Honeyfield was teaching the same people the next year. I wish it was the same.
Any was (sic) thanks a whole heap for teaching me this year. It's been great! I have to go now, because Mum is telling me to come and have your dinner young girl!
Bye for now.
Lots of love and kisses
from ...

I shall keep the name anonymous, as this person and I have made a reconnect as grown-ups (good old Facebook), and I don't want to 'out' and embarrass her. But if she reads this, it may just be a reminder that the kids are special to us teachers too.

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