Friday, July 19, 2013

Eyes on the Money

As my friends and family are aware, I have just had iLasik surgery. So far so good - the results and recovery are progressing as expected, so no regrets. But I would not have been able to get the procedure done were it not for the 24 month interest free offer for payment; it's a pretty bloody pricey bit of surgery. 
Considering it's all over in a matter of minutes, the hourly rate would be... phenomenal.
When my brother picked me up from my follow-up appointment today, he parked beneath the building where he spotted these beauties... a Maserati, an Astin Martin and a Porsche 4x4. We can only presume that they belong to the surgeons. After all they would be able to afford it!

PS The imposter is my shiny red Mazda 3 (Thanks Dan and Rik for the cleaning job!)

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  1. Love it.... Like the red one best!!!!!! Margaret