Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Fothers

Big ups to my cuzzies Robyn and Fiona for organizing the Fothergill side of our family to get together in Taupo this weekend. My Dad's family is headed by Robyn's Mum Avril (only girl above), then my Dad (Hilton second from left), Ern (Fiona's Dad, on right) and Lance (the youngest, left).
All of their children (my cousins) who could be there, were there. The only cousin missing (in person) was Deena, who we sadly lost in recent years. Many extended family members were there also (missed you Lisa F), and together we make quite a picture!
It is through Facebook that many of us had reconnected previously and gotten to know about each others' grown up lives, prior to the weekend. And now that the event has passed, our Fothergills FB group is allowing us to share photos and memories, and will assist us in maintaining contact - without boring the rest of the FB world, for whom these events would have little relevance.. Those who pooh-pooh Facebook ignore the positive impact it has on renewing and developing important relationships.

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