Sunday, May 6, 2012

On 'Hope'

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

As is the general design of my nature, I equate hope with optimism.  To me, having hope is visualising a positive outcome, without the arrogance of expectation. That way if your hope is not realised, the disappointment can be managed.
Today I hoped for a small thing in the realm of life as a whole, but a big thing for me in my current list of goals. I hoped that my lovely little Stirling would get his 8th Challenge Certificate and would therefore become the champion many say he is destined to be. We only had one dog to beat!
But today was the day the judge put up the dog that has never beaten us before. I'll admit, it was a shock. And a disappointment that was hard to manage on this occasion - I think I had hoped too much. The disappointment was compounded by the fact that my parents had come to watch, as well as my friend Rosie. We all felt a bit let down.
But now upon reflection, I hope that when we finally get that elusive 8th and final challenge, that we  actually 'win' it in the company of quality dogs, as we have done many times before. (Because if I was a bitchy person, I would say - "Does that judge even know what a cavalier looks like? They are meant to have level topline not look like they are going to take a crap as they move around the ring! And what about those cock-eyed hocks? For heaven's sake!" But I am not a bitchy person so I would never say that.)

The photos today come from my Mum's camera.

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