Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden Goodies

My Mummy and Daddy Box
I often feel a little jealous when my friend Viki blogs about the things she gets and creates with her regularly delivered Ooooby Box. Today I came home with a whole heap of fresh garden goodies of my own, which came together thanks to my parents. I am calling it my Mummy and Daddy Box -  an array of produce fresh from the garden at Fothergills on Mimiha; carrots, beetroot, beans, courgettes, cabbage, cauli, broccoli and feijoas.

Plus a few extra things that also originated from the garden, such as...
Forgot to include the feijoas in the ensemble above!
  • Several jars of preserved feijoa and apple (last year's lot being palmed off to make way for this years!)
  • A coupe of jars of my favourite Bread and Butter pickles.
  • A fat pork chop, bacon and ham steaks
The latter items came from a home grown piggy -  who would have been raised on scraps from the garden...
Dinner smells delicious!