Saturday, June 4, 2011

And then there were three

Queen's Birthday weekend, rainy old day - one has license to stay in bed a little longer, and remain in one's PJs for longer still. In such a scene one does not expect visitors before 8:30 am, especially strange men they don't know.
Turns out the knock at my door was Dog Control. No, no complaints against my canine children, but a response to my application for multiple dog ownership. Requirement for having more than 2 dogs in an urban property.
After discussion with my friend and co-owner Mignon, I decided last time Stirling came to stay that it was just too hard on the both of us for him to have two separate homes. To just have him stay on show weekends felt like I was 'using' him. Yes he came for the holidays too, but separation became so much  harder as we continued to bond. I swear when he first sees me he wants to get inside my blood!
So I had to take into account how this would affect my boys, my Hugo and Reilly. The past 3 weeks I wondered if I was doing the right thing, Stirling is so demanding of my attention and I do not want to take any of that away from my loyal companions. Would I have enough 'love' to go around. Then I thought - do parents have 'love enough' for more than 2 kids? Of course they do.
I also recalled how much Stirling interacts with H and R and makes them 'play'. Even though they are not 'old', he keeps them on their toes. They never have a cross word, and I am sure they were pleased to see him today. Have a look at this video of Hugo and Stirling and my unfortunate sock. It's a corker.

So he is here now. Asleep sandwiched beside Reilly his Dad and in co-eee of Uncle Hugo. Who will always be the boss, as this clip shows:

Welcome home, little man. This is your family now.

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  1. I should have put speech bubbles on those videos lol