Saturday, June 25, 2011

There's a first time for everything

Today's first: Sending back a meal.
My friend Viki and I wanted somewhere kid friendly to have a celebratory lunch. We were recommended a cafe in Onehunga where we had both been before for coffee.
The Cajun Pan Fried Snapper on the blackboard menu appealed to us both, so we ordered one each.
When it arrived at the table it looked like mush. No fillets of any resemblance. Was it advertised as a stew, we thought? We then tasted it - shite. So I found a waitress and politely asked if this was what it normally looked like. 
After some kitchen consultation it transpired that no, it was apparently not as it was meant to be - it had been cooked by 'the trainee chef' and we were getting another one cooked by the 'head' chef.
After a long wait fish resembling fillets turned up, but this too was far from ideal. Too much flour in the coating making for a soggy outer layer, lacking salt and an imbalance of spices. If the fish had been excellent we could have forgiven the drenched green salad accompaniment, which I suspect had come readymade from a plastic bag. 
If it weren't for the fact that Isabella clearly enjoyed her Rocky Road, I would be doing some naming and shaming.

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