Friday, June 10, 2011

Canine Valium!

I'm at 4 dog shows this weekend - 2 All Breeds, our Tiki CKCS Championship show, and Auckland Toy Dog. All at the same venue, but will still be very full on, and with a busy environment, my little dogs sometimes get a bit overwhelmed.
So much so for Reilly that this time he is staying at Aunty Mignon's; the show scene really isn't for him. Hugo, as a neuter, is able to be entered at the Tiki show. Nothing much phases him, except he does hate the bath routine - thankfully that is over!
Stirling's entered in all 4. He has been through a patch of feeling unhappy in the ring lately. Upon the recommendation of a respected cavalier breeder/judge I got what she called 'Valium for dogs'; a homeopathic remedy for anxiety called Gelsemium. Maybe 'rescue remedy' for dogs?
He's been having the drops for a few days now. Here's hoping they will make him feel less anxious and on top of the world tomorrow and Sunday!

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