Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seeking Feedback

My photo today is, obviously, the one that appears as my blog wallpaper. It remains one of my personal favourites, despite being one I took when I was still a learner driver on my DSLR.
At the time I took it I published it on my FB page and received some affirming feedback from a friend who I think is a wonderful photographer. He (Mr Spudooli) was also the very first blogger I followed and I miss both his photos and his commentaries (hint, hint, Dave).
Last night I put this favourite photo forward for more feedback at the MPS Club night - set subject, Trees. Even though I know that feedback - both positive and constructive - is what helps us to learn and grow I must admit that I felt protective of my 'Sunday @ Cornwall Park' pic and hoped the judge would share a similar view. I did not feel quite so precious about the other set subject entry, as I did not feel it was as 'good' as this one. But I had not fully analysed why. His comments showed me what I could do next time to improve the image. And I appreciated that knowledge.
I took this attitude with me today as I continued observations of my teachers. I know they put their best efforts forward, and that they also know to expect to find out what they did well and where they could hone their focus moving forward. Like me with my second photo, our teachers are pretty good at actually drawing their own conclusions about what went well and are open to ways to improve.
So how did I go? Well this pic received Honours. Yay. The second Tree one - a Merit. All good and to be expected.
I had also entered a 3rd photo - another I really like myself - and was awarded a Highly Commended, which is all good, but I would have like to know what would have lifted it to an Honours because the platitudes about it were flowing. Proving that getting positive feedback only is not always wholly satisfying.
Except when your favourite one gets Honours.

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