Saturday, May 14, 2011

Know Your Place

I feel obliged to make a second post today. If my copybook is spoilt by missing May 13, at least I will try and maintain 365 entries!
My photos today are so original (not) - the boys at the reserve. I want to get some good shots for the Universal Cavalier Photo Contest which I have done well in for the past couple of years, but don't have any really good doggie ones on file at the moment. Still don't after today, but chance to chronicle what the boys love doing best nonetheless. Maybe there'll be better photo opportunities in the morning light (before the rain) as they have all had a bath and a blow dry since then lol.

Anyway that is not the intended focus of my ramble today. When we were coming home from our walk, I spotted the five-year-old twins who have just started at our school playing beside the path. "Hello S and C" I called. Stunned looks as they wondered who knew their names, trying to place a vaguely familiar face out of her normal habitat... then the wee boy said "Hey, I know you! You go to my school!" 
"Yes" I replied "and you go to MY school".
"Hey Dad! Dad! She's at my school. She watches me eat lunch. She does duty!"
Ahhh the power of the yellow duty jacket. Instantly recognisable. As the duty teacher. Maybe my DP badge needs to be bigger...

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