Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer's Last Sigh(n)

I was given these pretty roses today by Judy, pictured below  with her boy Blake, winner of our Tiki Open Show earlier this year. I had taken the photos of the winners, and had gotten some printed some for her. Photos are so cheap these days I told her I did not want any money. As it transpires I am far happier with flowers than I would have been with cash - it's not often this girl gets them these days.
This small selection of roses Judy said, were the last from her garden. With the bad weather forecast it would seem this everlasting summer will disappear straight into winter this week.

OH and PS
So proud of my Stirling today, who showed brilliantly to win Best on Parade at the Ribbon Parade today. Having taken Best on Parade twice this year (last time with Hugo) I wonder if everyone will start cursing me!

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