Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An oldie, but apparently a goodie

MPS club night, and as mentioned in an earlier post, I was brave and entered 3 pics this month; one into the Open category, and two in the set subject which was 'Song Titles' this month.
I put forward this pic - a very familiar one to my friends, and a favourite of mine for some time. Not technically, but because of what it conveys.
I have always titled "The Secret", but called it "Do you want to Know a Secret?" to fit the set subject. I also threw in this one and called it "Baby Love" (Are you singing in your head?)
The judge tonight liked the human element in photos it would seem.  I like this shot of Dan and Hugo for both the connection between the two, and the fact that you cannot read/see Dan's face. I also like its simplicity. All of these things he seemed to like too.  I quite like Baby Love,  but am bothered by the size of the hand - it is out of proportion with the head because of the angle I was at.  Interestingly when the "Baby Love" pic rolled over, the judge made comparisons to this dog-and-boy one, not knowing of course it was by the same 'Author', as photographers are referred to.
Pictures are awarded acceptance, merit, highly commended and honours. Thrill of thrills, The Secret got honours and Baby Love highly commended.
I also entered Lily in the Open category. There was an audible 'Ohhh' from the audience when it flashed up. I was amazed with the feedback and superlatives this photo got, and when I spoke to the judge afterwards, he asked if I took it on a 'job' - as if I was a pro lol. Lily also received honours, and was even in the final 3 for Open shot of the evening.
Memo to self - learn to give self more credit. Learn to accept and believe in positive feedback. Try harder not to undersell yourself. But stay humble and true.
Well done, Lynn.

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  1. I second that "Well Done Lynn" comment.
    Congratulations on a fantastic first entry, what a swag of commendations :)