Saturday, May 28, 2011

Personal Passions

I joined four other photographers at MOTAT today for my first MPS field trip. Kind people, easy to be with, and all very interested in the photographic possibilities that this 'transport and technology museum' had to offer. All except me as it turned out - I'm afraid as a destination, it just confirmed for me that I ain't a museum kinda girl. Well not of the traditional dusty exhibit old type anyway.
However that did not stop me appreciating the passion of an older man who voluntarily runs the print room, and who, as it happens, also belongs to the club. What a gentleman. As it transpires, the print room (which was very popular with the punters) is not usually open for business on a Saturday. But this lovely man came and opened it especially for us.
As I have alluded to, I did not get particularly inspired by the exhibits photographically or in terms of personal interest, though I happily listened to this chap because he cared so much. And just for him, my blog photos are from 'his' room today.

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