Sunday, May 29, 2011

Queen St Entertainment

Love, love, loved the North Shore Musical Theatre's production of 'Miss Saigon' which I saw today at my favourite theatre the Civic, pictured here. I had forgotten how much the music from this show moved me, and I found myself wiping away tears several times from the sheer emotion of not just the lyrics/story, but the awesome vocal performances of the cast. I would have to say that personally, it was the best 'amateur' production I have seen, and I have seen a few - remember?
And that's not just because I have personal links to the cast. Was proud to see James do so well in the role of 'John' and enjoyed a well overdue catch up afterwards.

On a total aside to the show, I witnessed my first live 'planking' today. Well it really wasn't planking in the true sense, I don't believe, because all these 3 try-hards did was lie down in the middle of the very Queen St crossing pictured above, 5 mins after I took this shot. Not really balancing on anything = plank fail.
If they'd turned up the other way and wiggled their limbs, it would have been akin to the original do-something-physically-silly-to-attract-attention from my uni days - dead ants. That would have been a little more entertaining. But nowhere near as impressive as Miss Saigon.

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