Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Fear of the Fall

It seemed like a great idea at the start. Miss 10 decided she would like a turn on the giant slide at Clip n' Climb, which her 7 year old brother was receiving free as his birthday was the reason they were there. Dad duly paid the fee and Miss 10 said she would venture to 4m - half of the potential height. When the guide told her (tongue in cheek) that the rule was that 10 year olds needed to go at least to 51/2m, the bottom lip started to wobble... But she did go a little beyond her chosen mark and lived to tell the tale. Brave girl.

Dad then decided he would take up the offer of a free adult fall. His bravado seemed genuine, and he handled the pull to the 8m mark and the fall with apparent ease. Even purported to have enjoyed it. Here's the video I took of him - shows the true extent of the challenge!

Then it was Birthday Boy Mr 7's turn to get his free ride. All good on the pull to the top, then a downward look knocked his confidence and he was lowered a little before releasing himself. The last of these 3 photos shows him glancing back at the feat he had achieved, before melting in tears into his Mum's arms. He later told me that no, he would not do it again next time!

My hat goes off to all three of them. There is no way you would ever be able to entice me to do this. The fear of the fall is too great. So no shame here for my little niece and nephew - just a bit of awe and pride.

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