Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It could have ended veeeery differently

I have had a little movie playing over in my head today of an alternate ending to a situation that occurred last night. Had the scenario played out as this recurring movie does, I would no doubt be sitting here nursing many wounds and a smashed camera.
It was the end of a most excellent evening photography workshop with Three Little Wishes. We had walked across the motorway overpass and were about to descend to the carpark at Westhaven marina.  Like many others, my camera was still attached to the tripod, and slung over one shoulder. The sloping concrete path morphed into stairs, and I reflected to myself how old age has made me less sure of myself when walking down darkened stairs, slightly unbalanced. So I took great care as I navigated the stairs and was grateful when it turned into a path again.
Than I made a decision that almost cost me my dignity and caused me many injuries.
Not looking where I was going anymore, I got out my phone, intending to use my GPS to find the most direct route to the motorway.
That's when I stepped and tripped - the path had turned into stairs again and my body was totally unprepared. Honestly, I thought I was a goner. In that split second I saw myself falling and being terribly injured. Instead I managed to see that instead of the 10-12 stairs there were earlier, there were only 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6 - cannot remember), and I jumped down to the bottom, amazingly managing to keep my balance and not drop the camera and tripod.
So lucky! SO. LUCKY!
The photo here was take from the afore mentioned overpass, of the motorway south and Auckland city in the background. Not the most stunning of photographs, but certainly an amazing opportunity and great fun playing with new techniques and settings.


  1. Beautiful photo! And very lucky about yourself...and your camera!

  2. Heavens, what is happening to my children? First John. now you! Rik better watch out he's not the 3rd!