Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am trying to make inroads into my 50 list. Some I already see are not going to happen. I am contemplating surreptitiously replacing these with things more achievable - I am sure no one but me will notice!
Today I made progress towards a photographic goal - doubling the number of photos on my Hall Wall. I began this project a year ago, not knowing how far I would go with it. This morning there were 18 photos up, tonight, 28. The photos are there purely for my own pleasure, and I reflect on the photos I have chosen quite often. There are certainly some I would choose not to put up there were I starting from scratch now, but they are all a reminder of my journey as an amateur photographer and I am grateful for that.

It has taken time some to get the most recent up, mainly because I had some printing issues... my advice is not to go to places like Harvey Norman when they have an offer on... I went back for 3 reprints as my prints were definitely 'green' in hue. Not what I wanted for my Hall Wall. One of the most affected photos is STILL not on the wall - I should always remember that I munt the first one I try to put on a block... this time it was my favourite pic of Miss Karissa - so that has to get done AGAIN!

Some of the new blocks before they went up

Speaking of having to go back for a 3rd time reminds me of another thing I am progressing towards on my 50 List - being more house-proud. This is not easy to achieve when the house you live in was built on the cheap, and you have 3 long haired inside dogs. Keeping the already grotty carpet clean is a perpetual battle.
I thought I had hit on a solution to avoiding vacuuming every day, when I decided to purchase an old-timey carpet sweeper. We had an orange one when we were kids, and I recall it being quite efficient for those in between times. So in January I got myself one. I loved it - perfect for brushing up the dog hair as many times a day as I liked. Until one of the small rollers fell out when I was cleaning it. So, I got it replaced. Replacement's central roller fell out on the first use! So today I have replaced it again.
A third item I am progressing towards is my reading goal. To 'make it' I must read a book per month. Having succeeded with "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", I am now on to "The girl who Played with Fire". Part of succeeding here is banishing myself from playing games on the iPhone when in bed. Have to change habits to make progress sometimes!


  1. Love your photo wall - we have five of your shots on our wall :)

  2. Beautiful Lynn. I love your photos. Might have to start doing the same with some of mine once I start liking them a little more <3 You're an ongoing source of inspiration :)

  3. Your photo wall is just amazing!I may even be inspired to do the same!
    What a special spot for such awesome memories :)