Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ringmaster

Him. The one in the middle. Mr Stirling.

Being a pretty crappy day weather wise, it was inside for me and my family today. The dogs did what I have discovered they must do every day when I am not here - sleep. I sat at my computer upstairs and busted out another 1000 words.
It did begin to clear towards the end of the day, but with wet grass outside, I had to coax them all out to even go for a pee!

However at about 6 o'clock they decided it was time to get active. Well Stirling did. These short clips were taken after he had led Hugo into the downstairs bedroom for a bit of light-hearted, very noisy argy-bargy, followed by thundering up the stairs, round and round the bedroom above me, and down again and round the lounge mussing everything up! That's when I pulled out my phone to record them. As they show, Stirling was calling all the shots! I love how he keeps the older boys young.

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