Sunday, February 19, 2012

TIck! Tick! Tick!

Hamilton's Gap 
I had a faaaaabulous afternoon/evening today. Went on a photography road trip with a new friend whom I met at MPS. It was a sublime day weather-wise, the conversation flowed like fine wine and I achieved more things on my 50 List. And took a gazillion photos. 
Our route took us out to Waiuku, up to the lighthouse at the Manukau Heads (where the clarity even allowed us to glimpse the Sky Tower in the distance), across to the east of the Awhitu Peninsula to 'Awhitu' itself, back to the west coast  to Hamilton's Gap, down again to Waiuku for a pub dinner before heading out to Karioitahi Beach to watch and capture the sunset. 

Manukau Heads

So... ticked of the list are...

Visit the Awhitu Peninsula

Photograph a sunset.

(I have also started another of my challenges - have a coke free week! Two days in and no withdrawal at all. Yet.)

Sunset @ Karioitahi Beach

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