Friday, February 24, 2012

Things that annoy the $#!+ out of me!

This is a parody on 'Things I'm Loving', a regular posting by my good friend Kate - You are a far better person than me Kate!

So what got my dander up on a trip to the mall today?

1. Pedestrians who mosey, amble, saunter across pedestrian crossings. Walk purposefully people! We are waiting for you!

2. Drivers who don't indicate as they exit roundabouts or are turning left.

3. Drivers who take up two parks with their one car. Usually a people mover.

4. And my current most 'favourite' annoyance. Mall pouncers. The ones who want to share their wares or bits of paper with you. Who want to lavish you with hand-cream or vouchers or notices. I had to negotiate the same lot 6 times today as I walked back and forth. Avoiding eye contact doesn't always work. Neither does pretending you are deaf. Nor does tackling them head on - last year I stopped at a hand-cream seller's request, arms laden with the fruits of my shopping, and said "Do I look like I want a hand cream sample?" I then pointed out that I did not think they wree supposed to 'solicit' anyway, and she went off her nut and yelled at me as I walked away. I know, I know a polite 'no thank you' is the best way. Just hard to do when you are ANNOYED!

However if I was listing 'Things I'm Loving", it would be the flexibility I currently have, which enables me to be out and about on a Friday to experience the above annoyances.

The photo below I snapped as I entered the mall - a reminder that tomorrow ends my Coke Free Week - another goal, albeit a small one, achieved on my 50 List. Maybe not having had a Coke Zero for a week is what made me annoyed lol. "Can't Wait" till it's over tomorrow.

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  1. Congrats on your coke zero free week - you're a better person than me in that regard! lol All your annoyances sound exactly like Damien driving around town...funny! :D