Sunday, March 20, 2011

I always take home the best dog anyway

My FB friends will already know I had a really great day at the Tiki CKCS Club Ribbon Parade today. As mentioned in a previous post, these days are the least 'prestigious' competition days in the show world, but for my mind, they are always the most fun, even when you don't come away with a hoard of ribbons as I was so fortunate to do so today.

It is great to see people there with their beloved pets, to see kids competing, and to see ordinary dogs who are not yet, or are never destined to be, champions, having their turn in the limelight. Like my darling Hugo today. My shaggy little neuter boy with the coolest personality in the world took out Best on Parade.

But what I think I like most about Ribbon Parades compared to higher stakes All Breed and other Championship shows, is that attendees are generally nicer to each other. After 3 years on the dog show scene, albeit still very much a learner still, I am yet to get used to one exhibitor running down another's dog, or commenting on the judges decision. It's just not cricket to me.

For me, I am happy that in the knowledge that I always take the best dog home anyway, regardless of their adherence to the 'breed standard'. To have them acknowledged by someone in the know is a fantastic bonus. We are all equal in our love for our dogs. Judging should be left to the judges.

Obviously I did not take today's photo, as I am reluctantly in it. Coerced by the club President to step in front of the camera for a change!

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  1. Congratulations Hugo!!
    Love your comment about 'ordinary' dogs being champions too :)