Friday, September 30, 2011

Being alone does not mean missing out

A birthday today for me, and for my little Hugo Dog -  Me, 40something, Hugo, 5 years old.
Ordinarily I celebrate my birthday in the school holidays, but with the Rugby World Cup dictating to the school calendar, September 30 falls within term time this year.
In terms of a work day, it was my second day working with my Y 7/8 digital photography group, so a fun day really. Someone had let slip to some kids it was my birthday (might have even been me) and the food technology group presented me with a Birthday Burger, as shown by the first photo here. It was accompanied by a chocolate milkshake. I was super full till dinnertime.
Speaking of dinner, I was home alone tonight - sad but true - but I was not going to let a birthday celebrating dinner pass me by. I swung by the supermarket after work to get Birthday Boy Hugo a treat, and picked up some stuff for myself as well.
Now the pictures are all uncooked, which might be odd, but  had a truckload of stuff to do this afternoon/evening and wanted to catch the photos before I forgot.
There is a rationale behind each of my choices here:
Morton Estate Bubbles - one of my most favourite tipples, and also synonymous with my birthday for a few years now. I had 3 glasses.
Pistachos - Nuts are a healthy snack, right?
Chicken Mignon - The only snail mail card that arrived in my letterbox was from my dear friend Mignon, breeder of my dogs, whose card was addressed to both Hugo and me - cute.
(Baked) Potato - a simple delight which I never cook. But I did tonight because another dear friend Viki cooked them the other night and reminded me what I had been missing. It was delicious.
Asparagus - To me my birthday always signals the beginning of the asparagus season. I looked for it tonight in the supermarket and was not disappointed! I ate the whole bunch.
Lemon Sorbet - I adore any kind of lemon dessert, and I love ice-cream. This is a 'good food choice' compromise. Sort of.

P.S Can someone help me sort out Blogger's photo placement? Drives me nutso...

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    Glad to hear you had a good day and were spoiled by those around you x