Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fathers' Day at my house

So, Fathers' Day today, and yes, I have a wonderful Dad whom I naturally think of whenever this day rolls around. But having no kids of my own, I can't celebrate alongside someone as most women my age and stage do.
But, dear readers, I realised today that I DO have a Dad in my house, and his son also lives here, so I (tongue in cheek) made Fathers' Day about these two. Little Reilly and his offspring Stirling.
Young Stirling's idea of a happy time with Dad is shown in the short clip above. Just like many Dads, it's pretty obvious that Reilly would just like some time out on this auspicious day...
A long walk this afternoon and chicken for dinner for this canine Dad. And cuddles tonight in bed too lol.

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