Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's all in the way you hold your tongue

For one reason or another, it'd been way too long since the boys and I had walked our well trodden path to Kauri Point Reserve, as opposed to taking a ride there by car. But we did just that today. 
It was a brilliant spring day, making the loss of an hour we experience tonight with Daylight Saving kicking in, pretty much a non issue, as we look forward to longer days, and evening walks.
We spent quite some time just moseying around in the balmy weather, which caused quite a bit of heat-releasing panting from the boys.
Though not completely evident in these photos, I am often amused at the differences in my boys' tongues as they pant. One goes in and out, in and out, another's curls up at the end, while the third forms a kind of cute tunnel in the middle. Bit like being a tongue-rolling or non-tongue-rolling human
Can you guess who does what?

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