Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whaddaya mean, no chicken necks?

My Smiley Reilly is the canine equivalent of a fussy child eater.
He would survive on a diet of chicken if I could afford it, and needs encouragement to eat something different. As it is, he is generally fed a BARF diet, which includes raw beef, green tripe, veal bones, veges and... chicken. Usually in the form of chicken frames or chicken necks.
If a couple of necks adorn the plate (yes, plate - he does not like to put his nose in a bowl) as a sweetener, he can usually be encouraged to eat whatever else is on the menu.
Tonight's canine culinary treat was cooked sheep hearts with rice and veges. Cooked with love. Stunk the kitchen out in the process as usual. Stirling and Hugo LOVE this bi-weekly concoction. Reilly needs encouragement to partake.
This look is as he realises there are no chicken neck accompaniments tonight. Duh, Reilly, that pink stuff is MINCED chicken necks? Eventually the penny dropped.

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