Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A first time for everything...

... and maybe a last.

Back at the beginning of the year I posted twice about the Boot Camp that was being run at Kauri Point Reserve, where I walk the boys.

I admire exercise enthusiasts who put themselves through an hour of relative public humiliation as they work to reach their fitness goals. Personally, as I have mentioned before, I prefer to be individually challenged, and to have my personal weaknesses kept under wraps.

But, as my P.T. (who I really like working with) also runs these sessions, and two workmates are attending, I decided to give it a go tonight.

My absolute HATE is running. I am not good or fast, and lack stamina (Translation - unfit in this regard). So 20 mins of running first up was never going to win me over. Thank goodness for the push-ups-on-toes to fail, at the end of each leg... that I can do. Then to include monkey jumps in the next circuit - my other HATE - in sets of 50!!! for goodness sake - well I was not impressed!

But I got through it without dying. And now I have a whole week to talk myself out of ever going again.

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  1. Well done Lynn! It does get easier.... especially the running! I can now run (well a fast paced jog actually) after my 7 bootcamp sessions. I'm quite proud of that achievement, and the effect that group peer pressure is having on me ;)
    I'm not sure about the outdoor humiliation for me though... I think its bad enough inside at the Papakura rec centre when others are going to workout! At least you'll be humiliated en-mass :) Keep it up!