Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Am I Strong Enough?

I ordered some el-cheapo dumbells to help with the health and fitness regime, which arrived at work today. Haven't had a chance to use them yet - my time this evening was spent elsewhere.

I ventured out to join the Manukau Photographic Society. Can't say I met any kindred spirits there; I will reserve my own judgement about whether or not the group will meet my learning needs for a little while yet. But the process was interesting. Submit your photos, have them critiqued by an external judge. I quite liked hearing what she had to say. Some of the photos were amazing, others - OK.

But to make the most of any opportunity that exists, I will have to submit photo for critique - eek. Now, some of these folk are S-E-R-I-O-U-S  photographers; how does one compete?
Am I strong enough to submit to this forum as a beginner learner?
I guess I have till this time next month to find out.
Have to work on getting stronger in more ways than one aye.

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