Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love the MSF-mobile, it's been a damn fine car. My third Mazda, and all of them have been little beauties.   Almost five years we've been together now, the Mazda 3 and I, though I am contemplating an upgrade, simply because I need a more practical dog mover.
However until the time that we do part, I will continue to keep her well looked after. Really, she hasn't cost me much at all - I always advocate proactive, regular servicing, and this has seemed to keep all other repairs at bay thus far.
However even regular 'maintenance' can be costly, and this month the car has chewed threw quite a bit of dolleros. Petrol price rises aside, we've had ...
Registration - $186 (Yes, only paid 6 months)
6 month Service Check - $410
Four new tyres - $611
and *small voice* 2 speed camera tickets. Do the crime, pay the fine. Got reminders for them today, despite paying last week.

I will mention though, that I got the tickets on the same day, in the same place, doing the exact same speed - 20 mins apart. How's that for bad luck?
Sorry little car, it was my fault not yours. Well maybe you can take a wee bit of the blame, because we all know that red cars go faster. That's why I want a blue one next time :)

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