Friday, February 4, 2011

Walking Through the Rain Barrier

Some people have a low pain threshold; I have a low rain threshold. I don't like getting caught in it and I certainly don't choose to go out in it. Any threat of rain, and the daily dog walk is shelved.
It has a lot to do with hair. My own for a start - it goes flat and kinky all at once. Then there's the rain pain caused by wet dog hair - especially on low-riding, long-haired, inside-dwelling varieties like my Hugo and Reilly.
So my after work plan today was to bundle the boys in the car, whip out and replenish the dog food supplies, and move on to a walk at the Botanic Gardens. It had been misty and a wee bit drizzly all day, but something even I could cope with - and had to, on playground duty at work.
But as we got into the car, the mist became constant drizzle. By the time we were done with the dog food and en route to the Botanic Gardens in was off with the intermittent and on to the regular windscreen wiper speed.
If we proceeded to the gardens, surely we would all melt!
But as the picture shows above, we did make it. I did not give in to the exercise excuse. I walked through the rain barrier. And true to the law of Murphy, which ordinarily would have had me high-tail it home in this situation, it actually stopped raining for the time we were there. The boys were most pleased with me, and even surrendered willingly to a rub down when we got home.
As for my own hair? I will definitely have to give it some serious attention to repair it in time for the  hairdressers tomorrow!

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