Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Spikus Horribilus

We don't like this tree, which I have to admit that I cannot name. Well actually, I can. I call it Spikus Horribilus.

Nice, cooler afternoon, so took the boys to the Botanic gardens and decided to go to the leash-off area via a different route, as I knew they had extended the area a wee bit, and am still not keen to let Reilly off from whence he escapes.

Let them off at the sign that said I could (following the rules, just like always) and within 2 mins I see Reilly completely entangled in spiky shrapnel.

He had run under this tree. The Spikus Horribilus.

The fallen foliage was through his belly, his feathers (legs) his leathers (ears) his tail...
I had to try and pry it off him there and then as it would have become so entangled I would have had to get him clipped to get rid of it, had he kept running. Plus it would have hurt!
Fortunately I have a wee cloth in my camera bag as it was so prickly I could not pull it bare handed.

This is some of what I extracted from him. The longest piece (which I removed first and threw - into Hugo's ear - sheesh) was longer than his body, so it give some context to how much stuff he collected.

So I think we'll take our chances with the normal route in future!

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