Friday, February 25, 2011


Conference dinner last night, and as a pre-curser and between entertainment, a slideshow from photos taken across the time there was projected on the large front screens. From time to time a parochial group would let out a 'wahoo' or similar when someone at their table appeared in a shot.
Near the end of the show were shots from the Day 2 keynote. I will admit to being less than inspired during the lecture, probably because my interest was, as still is, largely with the Christchurch community. Although I had a page open for notes, I was largely on the news sites and Twitter.
I knew as soon as these photos -  of 'someone's computer screen' - came up in the slideshow, that they were of my computer... I recognised the parts of the my screen saver photos poking out from behind the window where I was viewing these images of the quake, when I was supposed to be engaged with the keynote speaker. Sorry Sylvia.
Needless to say there was no 'wahoo' from our table, but a bit of giggling did ensue.

There was a bit of giggling around other observations made that evening, also involving people being 'snapped' but we won't go there...

This morning as we were leaving, I snapped this pic of our final eating out venue for the conference. I can't recall being at so many different eateries in the course of 3 days for quite some time. This one was very quaint, and we have decided that if we return next year, this might be our accommodation venue of choice too. If only it were in our budget.

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