Saturday, February 19, 2011


"Who did that? You think I did that?"

Hmm, yes, another dog-themed post, sorry!

Bath day today, in preparation of a 3 day stay at Hotel Majurey whilst I am away at Conference next week. Reilly is kind of OK with baths, as he loves the hairdryer so looks forward to that end of it, I think. (Don't laugh, yes they DO get the hairdryer treatment).

Hugo on the other hand, shows an aversion to every aspect of the bath routine, sulking as things are set up, conveniently disappearing when the tap starts and looking very p!$$&@ of with me afterwards.
Today I washed him first so he had less time to sulk. Gave him a quick towel dry and let him do mad dog running etc outside while Reilly had his turn.

When I'd done with Reilly and we went outside I found Hugo had decimated one of the few plants I have in my garden. I am sure he did it just to peeve me. Dog payback. Grrrrr.

Who me?

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  1. Try a cactus replacment! (I know you won't - it might be you that paid having to remove the prickles!)