Monday, February 14, 2011

Live Life!

I trust I will be forgiven for posting a photo today which was actually taken a year ago come ANZAC Day. It's some of our Tiki Cavalier KCS Club members during last year's annual Walk in the Park last year.
Seated at the far left front is Elaine Maisey, whose funeral I attended today.
While they are sad occasions, and Elaine's truly was, as the Big C took her rapidly from her diagnosis late last year, but they are also an opportunity to learn more about, in this case, a respected acquaintance.

I knew Elaine worked tirelessly for our club, and had done so for many years; 20+ years of continuous service, as it turned out. I knew she'd been a teacher and that she was devout in her Christian beliefs.
What became apparent during the service, was that the same energy, time, commitment and love with which she gave to her dogs and the Tiki Club, she gave to every facet of her life.
Talk about a woman who packed a lot of stuff in to every moment of her 74 years. Puts me to shame. So I am glad that I have decided to make more of my own opportunities this year. When I slack off a bit, I'll think of Elaine, a lady who know how to give of her life, and live life. She will be sure to inspire.

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