Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Funday

I seem to have turned a corner in the past couple of days and am actually feeling like I might be able to achieve some stuff and leave behind the groundhog days that had become too regular. Sometimes you get too bogged down in perceived reality that it can seem too hard to make changes. Maybe by writing it down for all and sundry to see, I might actually make more of the opportunities there are out there instead of letting the world pass me by.

That's not to say that routine is a bad thing. Today, for example, I met Katie and Paul at the jewel in the crown of Manurewa, the Botanic Gardens. Our respective 'children' enjoyed the walk and surroundings, (well, Joshua slept through it all, but peacefully!) and a trim mocha at the end of it capped of a simple but satisfying outing. So we decided that a get together on a Sunday should become a regular thing.
I have always had wonderful friends and family here in Auckland, but to have someone dear to me so accessible again (as in living 10 mins away) is a treat.
And I intend to make the most of it.
Roll on Sunday Funday.

Here's Paul with my boys. They LOVED him! (And Reilly was a good boy today :D)

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