Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Complimentary Haircut

Anybody else get overly excited about a trip to the hairdressers? Given that I travel into Mt Eden from down south for mine, it really is a trip, and it really is worth it.
Of course it helps to have a fantastic hairdresser, as my Jo is. (She owns the salon pictured below). Because she's so bloody good, I had to book all my appointments till December today!
The others in the salon also help to create the atmosphere that I look forward to. Not that I am very good at matching the names to the faces - so many pretty young blondes that they are a bit interchangeable for me!
I love that someone brings me a coffee. I get to read magazines without guilt, albeit whilst looking like a weirdo with all the foils in. And then of course there is the head massage...

Best of all I love leaving the salon feeling good about myself, which is a feeling I have been lacking a bit lately. It lasts for a few days too, as I inevitably get a bit of positive feedback from friends on the new 'do. A compliment never goes unappreciated with me.

Which reminds me... today when I entered the salon, I was also greeted with a compliment (about the blue shoes!) It actually happens every time I go, and I am vaguely suspicious that it's a little routine. I must remember to listen out when others come in to see if they get the same treatment.
Not that I would mind if it was a little contrived. We could all try giving a compliment to those we greet, even if we do have to magic one up.

Oh and as a footnote, I have to agree with how the team at Exile market themselves - this from their website:
Exile’s philosophy is to “Take extra special care with customer service, and make sure the client will walk out with fabulous hair after a relaxing time out of their busy lifestyles”. Exile staff cares about the customers - where they have been and their life experiences.


  1. No they don't do it to me when I go. Guess you really are special!

  2. I'll take that as a compliment :)