Monday, March 14, 2011

Muscle Development

Well tomorrow I have my first Personal Training session. In a strange chain of events, my trainer Leanne is the one who barked this command.

Rather than join her boot camp, I have taken the route of less potential public humiliation, and chosen the one-on-one option. I think we will get on just fine, so long as she does not model her motivational techniques on Jillian from The Biggest Loser.  (This clip shows her in true form!) I hope she's more like my Vanessa was :)

Anyway the pic is of course mussels a different kind! I love mussels but somehow had never cooked them, so inspired by a meal at De Fontein last year and Masterchef Masterclass, I had a go. I think that leaving the butter out was the reason they lacked the flavour I would have liked (funny that), but they were... OK.

Anyway here's hoping the muscles of the other kind are OK this time tomorrow!

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