Sunday, October 23, 2011

Extreme Makeover - Dog Edition

My poor Hugo suffers in the heat, largely due to the ample coat he carries as a neuter. I have always erred on the side of vanity, but this year I decided comfort before beauty, and took up an offer from a fellow cavalier person to have him trimmed ala American Cocker for the summer.
I must admit I did a silent gulp as the first sweep of the clippers cut right to the skin, but as the hair fell away, and on the promise of 'it will grow', I relaxed in to it. And so did Hugo. He was such a good boy right throughout the process, amidst the whir of the clippers, then the following hydro-bath to eliminate pesky hairs, and the turbo dry.
When the makeover was complete, I found myself looking as what seemed like a younger dog, albeit showing off the fat rolls around his neck and shoulders... I am sure he will enjoy summer much more without his heavy coat.
Hopefully less hair in my house, too. My intention was then to purchase my own clippers and do Reilly myself. He's the worst hair dropper of the three. So I thought I'd start by scissor trimming his feet as has also been done to Hugo. He cried at that, so goodness knows how he would cope with an electric trimmer! Rather than start, I think I will practise my other newly learned technique and just thin out his coat with the thinning scissors... His makeover will be less extreme, more subtle.
And Stirling, as my young 'show dog', well he's just perfect as he is.

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