Friday, October 21, 2011

I too, can blog about food...

As previous posts this week suggest, we've done a lot of eating whilst away at Conference. Some good, some average, and some pretty dodgy, as a fellow blogger and diner will attest to. Today we hit gold, obviously having saved the best for last.
We spotted the Kaimai Cheese Company on our drive down, commenting that we really must stop there one day. So on the return trip, stop we did.
I could have chosen several things from the menu or counter. At a cheese place, it'd be rude not to sample the signature wares, so a Cheese Lover's Platter was shared. My personal favourite was the mature cheddar, which was also the reigning ingredient in Lisa's "Kaimai Mac 'n Cheese". She declared it the best macaroni cheese ever!
Viki was also complimentary of her roast vege salad, chosen from a counter full of enticing options. My choice for lunch proper, was the Warm Chicken, Cashew and Kaimai Feta Salad. It looked vibrant and inviting, and really delivered on flavour. While the feta was subtle, it was there, and the crunch of the cashews and noodles was texturally interesting. But what made it sing was the lemon and feta dressing; perfectly balanced. You would have thought I'd have licked my plate when I was done.

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