Saturday, October 8, 2011

A weekend of two halves

OK I am cheating a bit here. I wrote a post yesterday morning, to make sure I had something showing for Saturday, and now I am changing it completely!
My first overnight dog showing experience this weekend, back 'home' (see next post) to Tauranga.
I took with me my Stirling and another chap, Ritchie, both of who are pictured here.
Hugo and Reilly stayed with Aunty Mignon for the night.
Now there were actually 3 shows I could have entered, but it being the first day of the school holidays, I decided that an 8am departure was early enough, and only entered Saturday pm show and Sunday morning.
Who would have thought a pm show would not start till 3:30? Cavs did not get into the ring till 5:30! And then both my boys were placed 3/3... My friend then won an in group placing so we stayed for in show awards - of course didn't place - and we did not get home till almost 8pm.
So this morning (see, I am cheating, it's now Sunday) I was not feeling particularly confident that this would be my weekend. But, with numbers slightly depleted today, and Stirling bringing his 'A' game, we pulled of the DCC, and Runner Up Best of Breed, and then got to move for junior of group, but were beaten by a pug.
So all in all, it was a worthwhile trip. 2 CCs down, only 6 to go...

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