Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sharpen Up

I am by nature a bit of a hoarder. This is not a good thing. I wish I had the ruthlessness of some - it would sure make keeping my drawers, cupboards and wardrobe tidier. When I do have a big hiff out, it's not as though I ever miss the stuff.
Not that I have had a purge today - no, my post is more about my attempts to curb this habit, which has infiltrated my digital storage! I thought I'd start with photos.
My photos take up a lot of file space on my machine, particularly as I shoot in RAW. Whilst I rarely download all that I take, I always end up with more on my machine than I need or like.
I have not been retrospective today, and definitely need to spend a good whack of time going through photos from the past 2 years and having a cull.
BUT so things don't get worse, I have made some new rules for myself today:

  • Download only as many photos as you have time to 'fiddle' with in that session
  • Shunt any that you really don't like to trash IMMEDIATELY

and the most important - and seemingly obvious -

  • Don't keep anything that is not in focus.  Must. Be. Sharp.

Now you might say that today's pic is a little blurred in places, and you would be right.  However I quite like the movement shown by the less-than-sharp wings and feet. BUT the head and neck are uber sharp, so I have not broken my newly established, self imposed rule...

Taken back at the Wattle Downs ponds this morning when I found myself up nice and early, so went off 'swanning around' again...

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