Thursday, October 20, 2011

Home away from home

While away on 'holiday' at the Ulearn conference in Rotorua, we are staying at this quaint hotel that we spotted and breakfasted at whilst here for Learning@Schools conference in February.
Aspects of our stay have been lovely, such as the downstairs lounge (pictured right) where last evening we drank Baileys and Brandy as we caught up on personal internet stuff, ensconced in lush leather couches surrounded by soft jazz and a gentle open fire. (It has not been tropical in Rotorua!)
There are a few areas where the historic needs to be brought into the 'now'... for example, haven't particularly enjoyed the squirty shower and slippery tiles...
Not complaining too much though... while this is 'work' it is the only opportunity the three of us have had to get away from it all these 'holidays'.
And the tidy-up-and-make-the-beds fairy who works her magic while we are out for the day makes the room pretty nice to come back to.

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