Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mac an donais!

According to, the title phrase I have here means 'Damn It!'

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love my rugby more than an ordinary girl should. I was so grateful to my brother for enabling me to experience a Rugby World Cup match, even if the All Blacks were not playing. Also to my other brother and sister-in-law for their excellent company.

Well you can't sit in the fence at a rugby game, and seeing as we are of Scottish descent, with our Mother being raised a Drummond and there even purported to being Fothergill tartan, (though the name really has its roots in England) we were all yelling for SCOOOOOOOT-LAAAAAAND!

Unfortunately the English came through with a last minute try and snatched victory. Hence - Mac an donais!

The atmosphere was wonderful, the rain held off and the crowd was convivial and full of people having fun.

My pic here today was taken when the English were not winning; I wonder what the conversation was about?

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